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How to Relieve Back Pain

back pain May 22, 2017

Retirement means freedom and the opportunity to fulfil a lifetime of dreams. Our clients happily share their plans with us while they relax during laser treatments. They always dream of more... more walking, more travelling, more time with family, more time to pursue their hobbies. Nobody ever expects that back pain will limit their retirement, but sometimes it does. Let's not have that happen to you...

To illustrate the importance of addressing back pain early and providing maintenance care to ongoing concerns, let us share Sue's* story with you...

Nearly 8 years ago, Sue*, came to us seeking help for back pain. Recently retired, she was looking forward to getting back in shape by walking every day. Unfortunately, her chronic low-back pain had an acute flare up and it literally stopped her in her tracks.

She sought help from her doctor, but the meds did not agree with her and her walking days seemed over.

Fortunately for her (and us!), she reached out and inquired about physio and laser therapy and just 14 Physio/Laser treatments and 6 weeks later, Sue was walking Quidi Vidi trail daily, with minimal pain!

Sue's problem is a common one and we hear it a lot here at the clinic. You worked long hours, had a busy family life, and had little time for self-care for during the years preceding retirement. By the time you reach your 50's the long hours of sitting and repetitive motions take their toll. Back pain is often the most common signal that something is wrong, but most of us write it off to "getting older" rather than investigate it during the early stages.

Sue's problem neither happened "all of a sudden" nor "because she retired". Truth be told, she had experienced bouts of back pain for years. She ignored them and they seemed to go away. Sue came to see her aches and pains as a normal part of ageing... She could not have been more wrong.

Like a car, your body needs regular maintenance. Pain is your body's signal that something is not working and that you need to address it. In our clinical experience, back pain is seldom a simple case of 'wear and tear'... it's often an injury waiting to happen thanks to years of neglect. Your body can recover quickly from injury given the right supports and treatments but, don't be fooled... recovery takes work! Wouldn't it be better to address it before it gets that bad? And to follow up on a light but regular maintenance schedule so it doesn't get worse? It really could make all the difference to your retirement! Allowing the golden years to be really golden!

Luckily, Sue found solutions that worked for her here at the clinic. Solutions that got her immediate relief, taught her how to prevent a recurrence, and what to do if/when it did return, despite her best efforts. Sue learned the value of maintenance therapy and still comes to the clinic for monthly treatment. With age, management of long-standing pain issues is the key to a happy retirement.

If you want to ensure your future isn't compromised by long-standing pain, reach out to us. Our physiotherapist offers a FREE Consultation (20 minutes) to address some of your concerns.

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* "Sue's" name has been changed to protect her privacy. Did you know we offer a 20 minute FREE CONSULTATION with a physiotherapist to discuss your concerns and find out solutions for your pain condition that may work for you?


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